Accepting the truth: Tips on conquering fear of attending funerals

Accepting the truth: Tips on conquering fear of attending funerals

Death is unpredictable and scary. Millions of people die every day across the globe but people experience nasty effects when a loved one dies. The shock and grief can get debilitating when one arranges or attends a funeral, which is usually associated with an intense feeling of helplessness, extreme loss and an incapacitating grief. Many people get excruciatingly worked up when they are invited over to someone’s funeral and hence, might try to avoid the funeral. This attitude is deplorable and disrespectful toward the departed soul and the grieving loved ones. However, the anxiety associated with attending a funeral is common and one can conquer this state and the associated fear by putting in some efforts.

Listed below are a few tips that can help a person alleviate the fear and anxiety associated with attending a funeral and navigate through the ceremony like a responsible adult.

Conditioning the mind

It is important to get rid of fear, which can have an overpowering effect on someone. To get rid of fear associated with a funeral, it is important to accept that a death has happened, that a funeral will take place inevitably, that one is allowed to grieve as much as one wants to and there is nothing embarrassing about it. One must rather understand that maybe going for the first time can get challenging but thereafter, the fear might subside. By escaping a situation, one doesn’t get rid of a fear.

Going with someone

Since a fear can get incapacitating for an individual, it is important that once a person has made up the mind to attend one, he or she can take along with him a trusted loved one who is aware of the problem. Showing up with this a person and holding hands throughout the funeral ceremony can help stay steady

Practicing empathy

A fear can get crippling if one is only thinking about himself/herself. One must try to think beyond the self, especially, during a funeral where many people might need a shoulder to cry on, someone to hold onto. To get rid of the fear associated with a funeral, one must start associating funeral with an opportunity to offer support to those in need.

Getting innovative

This might come across as a bit off track but, nowadays, many American families are embracing this practice. People no longer wish to associate a feeling of loss and despair with a funeral, rather, they want to add some interesting element to a funeral to celebrate the uniqueness of the person who passed away, so that the attendees are reminded of the departed soul. However, before planning and executing anything on this line, one must use discretion as people from the old school of thought might not like the idea.

Road to recovery

It is perfectly normal to feel anxious when one has to drive past a funeral or when one is invited to attend a funeral. With some efforts and over time, the fear surrounding a funeral could be curbed. However, some people might have a hard time in doing so and this can have a serious bearing on their routine life, with the anxiety and fear taking the form of a serious mental illness. For people belonging to such a category, it is important to seek professional support.

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