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4 food items that may exacerbate anxiety symptoms

An emerging body of literature continues to support that some food items have a calming effect on the mind while some can worsen anxiety symptoms. Therefore, for an individual grappling with an anxiety disorder, it is always prudent to be mindful of selecting food items. Listed below are some food items that must be eliminated or reduced from the diet, for their fear of worsening anxiety symptoms. Continue reading

Understanding the connection between repressed emotions and anxiety disorders

In his psychoanalytical theory, Sigmund Freud argued that most of our behaviours are a reflection of our unconscious thoughts, wishes, memories and so on. He further states that our conscious awareness is only the tip of the iceberg. Most of the unpleasant experiences and memories are locked away in the depths of our subconscious mind through the process of repression. One can analyze such unconscious thoughts and ideas through a range of techniques, such as free association, dream interpretation, etc. Continue reading

Tips on dealing with co-workers taking credit for someone else’s work

Paula (name changed) had recently entered the corporate world. With a doctorate in Chemistry, this was her first stint in the corporate sector and she started working diligently as an assistant manager in the research and development team. Paula was entrusted with the responsibility of introducing a cream with antiseptic and emollient properties. After extensive research, she prepared a power point presentation (PPT) which had details about the cream formula. She still had 24 hours before presenting her idea during a round table conference of company directors. Therefore, she shared her work with her team leader (TL), hoping to get some feedback. The TL returned her PPT a few hours before the commencement of the program and congratulated Paula on coming out with a breakthrough formula. This was very encouraging for Paula, who started looking forward to her turn now. However, before her turn, her TL’s PPT was scheduled and the moment her TL began presenting her idea, Paula was taken aback. Unfortunately, her TL had presented Paula’s idea and taken the credit for the entire PPT, without acknowledging even once that it was Paula’s work. Continue reading