Flu can increase chance of suffering from anxiety

Flu can increase chance of suffering from anxiety

Anxiety disorder, a mental state that sets in due to a slew of factors, can affect a person in a lot many ways. People who have gone through traumatic experiences in their lives have an increased likelihood of developing an anxiety disorder. Psychological reasons notwithstanding, even certain physical health conditions can trigger the onset of anxiety in people. Flu, for one, is an example of this.

Looking at the brighter side, there are some effective ways and concoctions that work well to get rid of the flu faster. Best among them is consuming adequate amounts of chicken soup and taking rest. Straining oneself by using too much of mobile or computer will only aggravate the condition. However, some good self-care habits like limiting technology and indulging in exercise or yoga, does the trick. Consulting a therapist if the need arises is also a good idea, as one can discuss a self-help regimen that suits best.

Connection between anxiety and flu

According to a doctor at the Cleveland clinic, an infection is always going around the country at any given time. Nevertheless, at times, the severity of the infection gives rise to a feeling of panic, when a large number of people is infected. However, the actual, physical flu does not cause this panic. It is caused by the stress caused by the mental drain one suffers, when not feeling physically well.

When a person falls sick, say, after contracting an influenza virus, the body’s immune system stimulates the white cells, leading to a production of inflammatory proteins called cytokines. These cytokines may be great in helping fight off infection but they also leave a person feeling dreadful. Cytokines could also be responsible for causing inflammation around the brain, giving rise to clouded thinking, with a possibility of depression.

Rare instance of flu triggering an anxiety

Although it is a rarity, there is one condition in which flu might directly affect anxiety, playing havoc on one’s mental health. It could be because of its potential and very rare side effect encephalitis – described as an inflammation of the brain. Even though flu can cause this side effect in just about 1 percent of cases, the Encephalitis Society believes that post treatment, the inflammation can trigger a feeling of anxiousness in the patient. Nevertheless, it is very rare. Commonly, when people get flu, they are more likely to endure the physical symptoms like a possible fever, sore throat with a cough and a runny/stuffed nose with body aches and fatigue.

If you’re concerned that being sick will have a negative influence on your mental health, you should reach out to a mental health care professional.

Treating anxiety the right way

Whether brought on by a potential health problem, or any other reason, anxiety can definitely come in the way of one’s daily chores and may affect relationships too. However, anxiety disorders are treatable and one can manage symptoms with intervention. Seeking help at the earliest would not only improve the individual’s condition, but also ensure a healthy life ahead. So, if you have a loved one experiencing any unusual or disturbing fear or worry that persists for long, seek immediate help from anxiety disorder treatment clinics.

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